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The Green Book

Caring for Each Other Sustainably

Author: Bob Rhodes

The Green Book challenges a world where love and care are disregarded and where what seems to matter more, to citizens and state, is consumption and profits. The Green Book offers a vision of a better way forward.

Written by Bob Rhodes, with emotive contributions from Colin Campbell and Ken Davies, this book explores the current crisis of care in the UK using stories, questions, opinions, poems, rhymes and songs. The Green book is entertaining, challenging and a great place for starting new conversations about the kind of society we really want to live in.

"We are at many crossroads, we need above all to change the way we think. As Ackoff said, we won’t make progress by doing the wrong things righter. This book is a challenge to current thinking but neither is it a prescription for the warm and woolly. The consequences would be a better society and a cheaper one. Do you want to be strong and different or weak and similar?" Richard Davies