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Easy Guide to Self Employment

Author: Marion and Karon Turner-Hawes

This book aims to help disabled and vulnerable people understand the basics about starting their own business, offering a step by step guide to thinking through the options and getting started.

In straightforward English using supporting pictures, the book takes the reader on a journey into this way of working which is often discounted for many disabled people.

However, from the contributions in the book, it is clear with the right support many people including those with learning disability can make a go of this way of earning a living.

And whilst some people may only be able to create and run a very small business, perhaps working less than 10 hours per week, it also shows the incredible value in this as demonstrated in the accounts by Dawn and Karon.

The topics covered include:

  1. The difference between employment and self employment, and what businesses do
  2. Thinking about a business for you and getting help to get started - such as how the benefits system can help
  3. What to charge for your products and services and how to sell them
  4. Promoting and marketing your business and creating a Business Plan
  5. Understanding the support you will need to work
  6. Tax, VAT and National Insurance

"We found that Self Employment can be a good work option for disabled people as it offers the opportunity to wrap our work around our lives and conditions, and people can create the work they want and work when they are able."

Pat Ward (the Company's Chairperson)

This book was created by the Community Housing and Supported Network after the successful delivery of their 8 session Self Employment Course.

This practical and accessible guide costs £15 (plus postage and packing).

An Easy Read Guide of the book is also available from the publisher.

To purchase a copy of the book please email Marion Turner-Hawes