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Self Directed Futures

Making self-directed support work for everyone

Self Directed Futures leads work on Self-Directed Support in England and Wales. The team, led by Chris Watson, provide consultancy, research and training with a strong focus on the development of new thinking in commissioning and the use of Individual Service Funds (ISFs).

You can view a wide variety of resources on Individual Service Funds here:

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Chris Watson

Chris Watson

Steph Lyons PhD

Steph Lyons PhD


A Commissioners' Guide to Individual Service Funds

A Commissioners' Guide to ISFs

This guide offers a commissioner's perspective on how to implement Individual Service Funds and widen self-directed support beyond Direct Payments.

Trying Out Individual Service Funds (ISFs)

Trying Out Individual Service Funds

Self-Directed Futures has been working alongside colleagues from Bristol City Council (BCC) commissioning team to develop their Individual Service Fund offer.

Map of ISFs in England

Map of ISFs in England

Map showing progress on Individual Service Funds (ISFs) in the country.