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Neighbourhood Democracy Movement

Creating power in local neighbourhoods to advance citizenship for all

The Neighbourhood Democracy Movement (NDM) aims to discover, connect and mobilise local neighbourhoods, villages and communities to build fairer and more inclusive places where we all can live together.

NDM want to see:

  • Citizens everywhere talking and making decisions together
  • Everyone working to make their neighbourhood a brilliant and welcoming place to live
  • Neighbourhoods with the right to make their own decisions and control their own resources
  • Flourishing community life, backed up by well funded public services.

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Angela Fell

Angela Fell


Neighbourhood Democracy: Building Community in Spain

NDP: Building Community in Spain

This webinar explores a growing innovative effort to develop community across the Spanish speaking world in work led by Plena Inclusion and many other partners.

Norwich City Council: Creating Space for Community

Creating Space for Community

Members of Norwich City Enabling Team and Adam Murray of the Old Library Wood community group share their experiences of trying to enable community action, participation and control.

Two Neighbourhoods: Netherton & Springfield

Two Neighbourhoods

Angela Fell and friends explain how the neighbourhoods of Netherton and Springfield reacted to the COVID-19 crisis by organising themselves.

Neighbourhood Democracy and Food

Neighbourhood Democracy and Food

The Neighbourhood Democracy Movement (NDM) hosted this webinar with 4 invited guests to explore the relationship between food and democracy.

Organising for Neighbourhood Democracy

Organising for Neighbourhood Democracy

Rachel Payling, Wendy Lowder and Annabelle Macfadyen joined Angela Fell of the Neighbourhood Democracy Movement.