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Welfare Reform - call for evidence

The All-Party Parliamentary Group (AAPG) for Health in All Policies is conducting a follow-up review of the actual impacts of the Welfare Reform and Work Act (WR&WA) 2016.

The AAPG for Health in All Policies is chaired by Debbie Abrahams MP for Oldham East & Saddleworth. The purpose of the group is to consider the effects of national public policy on the health of UK populations – particularly on health inequalities between different population groups; to provide a discussion forum for parliamentarians; and to act as a source of well-evidenced and independent information on key social and public health issues.

The group are currently inviting submissions of evidence of the impacts of the different measures in the Act on children and on disabled people across the UK.

Submissions should respond to the following:

In the 3 years since the implementation of the Welfare Reform & Work Act (2016), what impact has it had on levels of the poverty, inequality and health experienced by children and disabled people in the UK?

For more detailed information on making a submission please visit:


Submissions close on 22 March 2019.