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UN investigates UK for abuse of disability rights

There is growing awareness in the media of the failure of the UK Government to respect the human rights of disabled people and the launch of an investigation by the United Nations (UN).

The Guardian has published a profile of Linda Burnip, the founder of Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC). DPAC have been instrumental in encouraging the UN to investigate this issue:

"The group began pursuing an inquiry using Article 6 of the Optional Protocol within the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities at the beginning of 2012."

Mary O'Hara's article is available to read: 


In earlier coverage: 

The Glasgow Herald explained that "a formal investigation has already been launched by the UN’s Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities." The Herald explained that the background to this investigation was the combination of so-called welfare reforms and other cuts which have targeted disabled people. Many of these changes seem to be increasing the level of stigma and suicide:


The same item was picked up by The Independent:


There was also television coverage by RT TV:


There was also coverage in the Daily Mail, which expressed the shock and horror of Conservative MPs. Perhaps unsurprisingly only the Glasgow Herald and The Independent referenced the research of The Centre for Welfare Reform that has demonstrated the severe targeting of cuts on disabled people. The Daily Mail did not cite any disabled people or any research, but merely rehashed a Government press release.

Dr Simon Duffy, Director of The Centre for Welfare Reform said:

"It is great news that the UN is investigating the UK for its ongoing failure to respect the rights of disabled people. The previous Government unleashed an array of cuts that targeted people in poverty, and disabled people in particular. The current Government has continued that policy. However, whatever the UN finally says, what is more important is that disabled people and their allies get better organised and stronger in campaigning and challenging this on-going and deepening injustice. Every human being is of equal value; policies that target minority groups for poverty, stigma and bullying are completely wrong."