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UK Government rejects UN criticisms

The United Kingdom has been persistently and seriously criticised by the United Nations various Committees for severe breaches in the human rights of UK citizens. Unfortunately the most critical reports (falling in the wake of both Brexit and the Trump election) gained minimal attention from the mainstream media.

Just Fair, one of the coordinating bodies that has been providing independent information to the UN, recently published the letter which was sent from the Minister of State for Justice (Sir Oliver Heald) to David Issac of the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC). 

The letter makes clear that the government does not accept the need for any urgent action, effectively dismissing the seriousness of the UN's criticisms:


An article about the Government's response also appeared in the Independent (the newspaper that has provided the best coverage of this issue to date.)


Dr Simon Duffy, Director of the Centre for Welfare Reform commented:

"It is not surprising that the government gas not accepted the United Nation's judgement or call for action. There seems to be no serious commitment to human rights by the UK Government, and a particular disregard for economic and social rights. The Centre for Welfare Reform's own analyses have demonstrated that austerity is an ongoing a redistribution of costs and cuts to those on the lowest income, and in particular to disabled people. The UN's reports should act as a catalyst for politicians and civic leaders to call for a clear and significant change in policy."