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#TimeforUnrest is a global campaign launching this September to use Jennifer Brea's new feature documentary Unrest to catalyze massive change. The campaign will fuel the growing movement for more recognition, education, research, and funding for ME.

The campaign involves traditional theatrical releases in the US & UK and screenings at medical schools, research labs, foundations, halls of government, and communities around the world, as well as grassroots mobilizations and calls to action.

When Jennifer Brea was 28, she came down with a mysterious high fever that left her bedridden and looking for answers. At first, doctors couldn’t diagnose her. They said nothing was wrong - that it was all in her head. But it turned out she has a disease called Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), more commonly known as chronic fatigue syndrome. This is a disease that affects millions of people around the world, 80% of whom are women, leaving them homebound or bedbound, robbed of the lives they previously knew.

Currently, there are only experimental treatments and no cure. Many patients are still disbelieved by doctors when their symptoms present. 80% are undiagnosed and it takes an average of five years to get a diagnosis. And for decades, there has been shockingly little public investment made to support scientific research.

That’s why, from bed, Jen decided to make Unrest - a film that shows her journey and the journey of others around the globe - to change the landscape of how ME is understood, accepted, and treated, and ultimately to accelerate the search for a cure.

To find out how you can help - and to watch a trailer of the film please visit:


It’s #TimeforUnrest!