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The Brown Envelope Book

Selected and edited by Alan Morrison and Kate Jay-R and published by Caparison and Culture Matters, The Brown Envelope Book is a poetry anthology produced in collaboration with Don’t Go Breakin’ Our Arts.

This is the third Caparison anti-austerity anthology – the first being Emergency Verse: Poets in Defence of the Welfare State (2010/11) and the second: The Robin Hood Book: Verse Versus Austerity (2012).

“The aim with this series of poetry anthologies has been to highlight the struggle faced by the most disadvantaged in society, made worse by the despicable ‘scrounger’ rhetoric of right-wing red top newspapers.

“Given the nightmare for the poor, unemployed, sick and disabled claimant population, faced by the inequities of the pandemic it seemed, once more, an apt time to think about producing another protest anthology. 

The Brown Envelope Book provides a focus on the need for a compassionate restitution of social security, and abolition of the indignities of the work capability assessments and Universal Credit.”

To read excerpts and to order a copy of the e-book (print copies available soon) visit: