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Support Women in Exile

Women in Exile is a Huddersfield-based service for asylum seeking, refugee and migrant women. It is one of WomenCentre's longest-running projects, helping women in incredibly challenging situations for over 13 years.

Often, when a woman reaches WomenCentre, she has been turned away from a number of other services. Refugee and asylum seeking women frequently have no recourse to public funds. These women may be fleeing war and violence, female genital mutilation, domestic violence, gender-based persecution and more. 

In the first instance, Women in Exile provides community, a safe space, a listening ear – in many cases this will be the first time since arriving in the UK that a woman has experienced this. More practically, we offer support with the many and complex issues that arise from being a refugee woman.

Women in Exile is now under serious threat due to cuts in funding.

Find out how you can help here: