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Social Work Action Network on 5 December

Social Work Action Network (SWAN) and the Department of Social Work, Social Care and Community Studies at Sheffield Hallam University are hosting the following event:

An Alternative Way Forward in Adult Care - Keeping and Fighting for Your Principles and Values

On: Wednesday 5 December 

At: 6.30pm

Venue: Adsetts Building, room 6620, City Campus, Sheffield Hallam University

There will be a presentation and discussion led by service users and practitioners with:

Mutual Support (Coop) including Elaine Flynn, Chair of Mutual Support and SHU Practice Learning Manager; Derek Eastham, Founder and Development Worker and Tom Whittaker Member and Development Coordinator

In partnership with:

Personalisation Forum Group (PFG) including Kelly Hicks, Adult Social Worker of the Year; Martin Haythorne Chair of the PFG and Vinny Cowling the Vice Chair.

All welcome.

For more information visit: http://socialworkfuture.org