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Sign the #BuildBackBetter statement

As we emerge from this crisis, now is the time to Build Back Better and over 350 civil society organisations have responded to the call from Compass and the New Economics Foundation (NEF) to shape a better future: one that is stronger, greener and fairer.

The Centre for Welfare Reform is pleased to be one of the signatories, the following forms part of the Build Back Better Statement:

As we emerge from this crisis, now is the time to Build Back Better.

To do so we must heed the lessons it has taught:

That as a society, for many years, we did not listen to the scientists about the risks of such a pandemic and were not prepared.

That for decades our health and social care systems were both dangerously under-resourced and in need of reform.

That many key workers in our economy - many of them women, and many not born in this country - are among the least valued and lowest-paid.

That longstanding inequalities in our society have left too many vulnerable.

And that no country can stand alone in the face of common threats.

Read the full statement and show your support too by co-signing it at: