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Share your austerity stories

Eight years of austerity are often summarised and represented by numbers: numbers of premature deaths, numbers of disabled people losing benefits and the percentage of households below the poverty line etc.

While numbers can paint a picture, it is easy to forget that behind the numbers there are real people, with lives, dreams and fears. 

WOW Voices want to collect as many stories as possible by disabled people and carers in a single document which will be difficult to ignore. They write:

“Hopefully this might start a public debate that will put pressure on the government.

“It is time to tell our STORY! It does not have to be much, even if nothing has happened to you, you can still tell us how the worrying, welfare reforms and the fear that you might lose the support you still have now is affecting you. You can write anonymously if you prefer or choose a nickname.

“We also welcome your experience if you are a health professional, social worker or work in social care, you can tell us how the cuts have affected people you know or if it is much harder to do your job.”

Visit WOW Voices at https://wowvoices.uk and tell your story.