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Self Direct Members' Meeting 18 April 2012

This is the first self direct Members' Meeting - it's taking place at the York Merchant Adventurers Hall, Fossgate, York YO1 9XD between 10.30am and 4.30pm.

Book a place at the Members' Meeting today - the booking fee includes membership of self direct.

Guest speaker and Chair for the day is Dr Simon Duffy, best known for creating and defining key concepts such as Individual Budgets, Self-Directed Support, the Citizenship Model and many others. Simon is Director of The Centre for Welfare Reform.

Other guest speakers include Di Lofthouse MBE, who has been awarded the MBE for her fight against hate crime. Di has spoken at the House of Lords for the launch of the Disability Hate Crime Path and has spoken up for disabled people at many other national and international events.

Doreen Kelly will be talking in depth about her leadership of the provider organisation Partners for Inclusion. Doreen is the Director of Partners for Inclusion which was set up 10 years ago and continues to provide support that is tailor-made rather than trying to fit people into services that often don’t suit. Partners for Inclusion share their experience in the publication ‘Personalised Support’.

The first Members' Meeting will be packed full of presentations and information. You'll learn about what providers are doing to personalise services, hear from peer-to-peer support organisations, listen to what is being done by social and health care professionals to really focus on individual outcome based assessment, support planning and review and lots more. 

Download the flyer for more information or visit Pavilion’s website for details of booking a table to exhibit at the event.