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Repeal Bill Alliance has been formed

Brexit threatens a raft of important rights and protections for human, animal and environmental rights.

The Repeal Bill Alliance has been formed to help protect those rights as the UK leaves the EU.

The Repeal Bill Alliance is a loose alliance of over 70 campaign and advocacy organisations with interest in the EU (Withdrawal) Bill and represent many sections of society. This includes voices from health, human rights, environment, consumer and workers’ rights, equality, democracy, transparency, food, farming, trade and education. It also includes voices from Wales, Scotland Northern Ireland and all parts of the UK.

The Alliance has come together to push for the best possible outcome on the EU Withdrawal Bill. The Alliance wants to ensure that rights and protections are kept in place as we leave the EU, a high standards UK that protects people and the environment and respect the devolution settlements. Read more about the Alliance and their work here.

The Centre for Welfare Reform has recently joined the Alliance and its Director, Simon Duffy said:

"For many of us the UK's departure from the EU is a backward step, reducing global solidarity and adding to the world's problems. However if it goes ahead we must also work to ensure it is not also used as an excuse to further undermine human rights, social justice and the environment. We must use the opportunity of this change to make people aware of the importance of constitutional protections and the social, economic and cultural rights which are so often discarded in the UK."

Your organisation can join the Alliance - find out more at: