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Regulations putting people at risk

The Centre for Welfare Reform has today published an open letter to Norman Lamb (Minister for Social Care) and David Behan (Head of the Regulator, CQC) challenging the focus of the regulatory system on procedures and systems, despite the lack of evidence that any of these these mechanisms keep people safe or improve lives. 

The authors of the letter, amongst whom are some of the leading advocates of people with learning disabilities, argue that it is human relationships which keep people safe - and these relationships are being undermined by the current regulatory regime.

Read the full text of the letter here...

This letter follows on from the report by Bob Rhodes and Richard David - Regulation - which found that the Camphill Community, an intentional community, was being forced to change its own approach, to make it more consistent with other regulated services. This is despite the ongoing failure of the current regulatory system to either reduce abuse or to promote real community inclusion.