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Reform in Australia

The Centre for Welfare Reform has published two major reports on the progress of disability funding reform and self-directed support in Australia.

Travelling Hopefully draws on international best practice to help disability advocates and leaders across South Australia to work together to develop the best system of self-directed support.

The report argues that South Australia needs to build a system that is genuinely empowering. Systems of self-directed support do not all shift real power to people with disabilities and their families. It is critical that the system gives people meaningful entitlements, real control and flexibility and that the process of change is inclusive - respecting the expertise of people and of professionals and the need to work together.

Designing NDIS is an analysis of the early descriptions of the NDIS proposals developed by the Federal government in Australia, drawing on the UK and other international experience the report's author, Dr Simon Duffy argues that there is a grave danger that NDIS will fail to achieve its goals. He says:

"If Australia can create the right NDIS system it will become a world leader in the field of disability. However the current design of NDIS is in grave danger of undermining the objectives of NDIS. Unless genuine power and control shifts to people with disabilities and their families the system will be locked in bureaucracy and become progressively less efficient."

Read the reports online and/or download the free pdfs here:

Travelling Hopefully

Designing NDIS