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Promoting human dignity in social work and community care

This course introduces a uniquely successful approach to facilitating social change - as developed by the Manavodaya Institute in India. The course is important for everyone who wants to play a part in creating sustainable social change – for example, community workers, social workers, health workers and, particularly at present, all those involved in implementing self-directed support in Scotland.

Colleagues in Norway are organising this course and Varun Vidyarthi, from Manavodaya India, has confirmed he is able to be there. This creates an opportunity for people from the UK to work with Varun and people in Norway. 

The course will take place in Lillehammer, Norway, 15 – 18 November, 2012.

The cost of the course is only £180 (227 euros) so that participants can buy their airfares.

Accommodation is in traditional Norwegian cabins with fire and sauna. There will be chances to go skiing, sledding and walking.

More information: http://manavodaya-uk.org.uk/