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Open Letter on Constitutional Reform published

The Centre for Welfare Reform, along with thirty one supporting signatories, has published an open public letter calling for a new settlement between people and government in the form of a modern written constitution. 

Click here to see a copy of the letter: http://bit.ly/constitution-reform

Dr Simon Duffy, the Director of the Centre for Welfare Reform commented:

"Brexit and its aftermath, is raising profound constitutional questions about the place of our basic human rights and the ability of Parliament to hold Government to account. Our present, ‘unwritten’ constitution gives too much power to the Executive and the current secretive approach to Brexit negotiations reflects the weakness of our democracy."

Of equal concern to the Centre is Government’s disregard of its primary duty to secure the welfare of its citizens. The letter cites the damage being done to the fabric of society by ignoring homelessness, with-holding vital funds from public services, and the collapse of local government provision for social care.

Alexandra Runswick, the Director of Unlock Democracy added:

"Dark money donations, the disrespect for devolution shown by this government, a hung parliament plagued by scandal after scandal, and the Grenfell Tower tragedy - these are just some of the symptoms of our ailing democracy. As we reshape our position in the world with Brexit, now is the perfect opportunity to reshape how we do things at home. We urgently need a new political settlement fit for a modern democracy. A written constitution designed by and for the people is the only way to achieve the root and branch reform needed to heal our broken democracy."

The letter is being sent to all political parties and the Centre will lobby vigorously for a response and will post these on its website. Gavin Barker, who is a Fellow of the Centre, added:

“We will also be talking to expert individuals and organisations who are best placed to push this project forward. But we stress to all that a written constitution must be developed from the grassroots up; it cannot be left to experts or become a lawyers’ plaything. We want campaigners in different fields to get involved, whether their focus is human rights, housing, the environment or the NHS. The rules by which we are governed are everyone’s business - it is not separate from the campaign work we all do.”

To find out more and to add your organisation’s name to this letter please email Gavin Barker directly.