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New report proposes basic income

Writing on behalf of the Campaign for a Fair Society, Dr Simon Duffy and John Dalrymple set out the case for Basic Income Security - a system to transform the welfare system in Scotland or the United Kingdom. The authors argue that the current reforms, led from Whitehall's Department of Work and Pensions, have failed all UK citizens, creating a system where:

  • The poorest pay the most tax - both average tax and marginal tax
  • The separation of tax and benefit systems creates stigma and damages family life
  • Sanctions and the attack on welfare is heaping further stigma on those already disadvantaged
  • The whole system is worsening income inequality

The report calls for a series of radical and positive changes to promote social justice - these are the kinds of changes that an independent Scotland could make if it wants a fairer society:

  1. Close down the DWP - integrate benefits into the tax system
  2. Simplify the claiming of benefits remove duplication and stigma from the system
  3. Define a basic income for all citizens - sufficient to eliminate poverty and including additional elements necessary for those with extra needs
  4. Ensure the underlying right to exist with dignity is enshrined with new constitutional protection

This report is not just relevant to an independent Scotland. All UK citizens would benefit from genuine reforms to the tax-benefit system.

To read the full report click here:


Note - The report also contains a series of new analyses of the injustices of the current UK system - based on the latest official data.

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