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NCIA Inquiry into voluntary services on 10 May

Can voluntary services survive? And survive as what? 

The pressures on local voluntary groups providing services are immense and getting worse. Cuts in their funding… Increasing need from desperate communities….. Competition from predatory corporate agencies, whether private or voluntary ….. Commissioning and contracts which undermine independence, purpose and sustainability.

NCIA (National Coalition for Independent Action) are asking people to join in with their inquiries at an event to be held in London on 10 May.

The event will launch NCIA’s Inquiry into the role of voluntary services during this period of cuts, austerity and privatisation. They will discuss the areas that the Inquiry should examine, share how things are on the frontline and how people are coping, or not.

"Yes, it’s bad and it’s going to get worse. But what to do? If you bite the hand that feeds you, what will happen to your clients and communities? Should you stay silent, to get a least some crumbs from the table? Can your communities afford for you not to bite back?"

More information and booking details are available here: