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Mo Stewart's Award for Outstanding Research

Mo Stewart an independent disability studies researcher and Fellow of the Centre for Welfare Reform has won an Outstanding Paper award in the 2020 Emerald #LiteratiAwards for her research paper Preventable Harm: Creating A Mental Health Crisis

The research was published in the Journal of Public Mental Health in December 2019. The paper examines the preventable harm created by the adoption of austerity measures in 2010, added to the welfare reforms introduced in 2008 which, collectively, have negative implications for population mental health in the UK.

The Emerald editorial team said that it is one of the most exceptional pieces of work they saw throughout 2019. The award winning paper has now been made freely available for 12 months and is available to read at:


Mo Stewart said:

“I was overwhelmed to receive this award, and I have been deeply moved by all the kind comments from academics, and the disabled community, who have always supported my efforts to highlight the preventable harm created by neoliberal politics. The welfare reform policies were always destined to cause preventable harm to many as they were based on fiscal priorities, and human need has been completely disregarded by the DWP.

Dr Simon Duffy, Director of the Centre for Welfare Reform said:

"Mo's award is richly deserved. Too many people have accepted the inevitability of unjust welfare reforms, the ongoing austerity programme and attacks on our welfare state. It is a rare voice that persists in telling the truth, digging into the underlying causes and demonstrating the illogicality and profound harmfulness of government policy. Mo is such a voice and it is really encouraging that the Emerald team have recognised the power and relevance of her work." 

**Written for the disabled community, Mo Stewart’s book Cash Not Care: the planned demolition of the UK welfare state is now a leading referenced text for social scientists at universities in both the UK and Australia.