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Leading from the Front

Local people from Doncaster, who all experience poor mental health, have come together to change their own lives and to improve the quality of local services. The group, known as the Personalisation Forum Group, have also just been awarded the 2010 Putting People First Award from the Yorkshire & Humber Great Care Awards.

The group have also published its own Manifesto that sets out their objectives and the problems they want to tackle in the current system:

  • Fighting discrimination and prejudice against people with a mental illness
  • Getting support solutions that help people live active and positive community lives - challenging isolation and segregation
  • Making an active contribution to the wider community
  • Speaking up for those least able to speak for themselves
  • Sharing information on good supports and services

The group have won support from Care Minister Paul Burstow and from local MP and leader of the Labour Party Ed Milliband who hoped the Personalisation Forum Group would go from strength to strength.


Manifesto of the Personalisation Forum Group

Manifesto for Personalisation

This manifesto sets out the values, goals and intentions of the Personalisation Forum Group - a group of people who live in Doncaster and who suffer from poor mental health.