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Join Penzance Citizens Panel

Cornwall Independent Poverty Forum are looking for people to be part of a 15 member Citizens Panel to address the issue of insecure housing and homelessness in Penzance. 

“High housing costs, low paid insecure work, eviction and homelessness are all issues that blight local communities in Cornwall, including Penzance. 

How can we as a community come together to address these issues?”

This is about local people having a say on issues that affect their community.

The 15-member Citizens Panel will learn about the issues in depth before discussing and deciding a way forward:

  • listening to expert presentations
  • discussing real life examples
  • quizzing their elected representatives

The Citizens Panel will convene once a week for 2 hours over 5 weeks in order to arrive at a deeper understanding of the issues along with a set of recommendations. 

These recommendations will then form part of a report which will be shared with the wider public and sent to elected representatives.

Closing date for applications is 15th September.

To apply and for more information please visit: