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It's time to radically reform social care

Jim Elder-Woodward, Independent Chairman of the Scottish Independent Living Coalition and Fellow of the Centre for Welfare Reform has written a powerful and important article for the Herald.

He explains clearly why disabled people should be entitled to a clear national entitlement to social care and must have flexibility and control over the use of that entitlement.

As Jim Elder-Woodward writes:

"A mainstream self-directed social care support system on this model would operate as a national scheme, with national criteria. Eligibility would not be determined by local priorities, or local policies. A disabled person could move for work or personal reasons, without the fear of losing either personal or social support. More attention would be given to achieving outcomes than to how they were achieved. The new system would take a more flexible approach, trusting disabled people to make good decisions and recognising they are best placed to do so."

The full article can be read here: