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Individual Service Funds published

Researchers Animate discover that Individual Service Funds and Inclusion have had a positive impact on people's lives.

Inclusion were the first pioneers in the use of Individual Service Funds back in 1996, as part of its work to help people leaving Lennox Castle Hospital and begin real community lives. This important piece of independent research by Animate demonstrates how successful Inclusion have been in offering people flexible support, instead of institutionalisation.

The paper is available to read here:


Dr Simon Duffy writes:

"It's great to see how successful this approach has been. But it is very surprising how little progress there has been in extending this model in England and Scotland. Too often commissioners do not seem to trust service providers to work flexibly. This then creates severe problems for individuals and families - who want choice and control - but who don't want all the responsibilities of being an employer. Individual Service Funds are a powerful - but very under-used - innovation."