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Guerilla news in your pocket

The independent Sheffield magazine Now Then is leading the way in providing an alternative platform for local and national news and has begun networking and syndicating members of the independent media community:

  • The Canary 
  • openDemocracy 
  • The Meteor 
  • The Dorset Eye
  • Media Lens
  • DeSmog

You can find their articles on the Now Then App under the Guerrilla News category.

Sam Walby, editor of Now Then writes:

“In a time when the mainstream media simply cannot be trusted to report the news as it really is, the need for the sharing of independent journalism is paramount. As an independent media publication, we believe it's Now Then’s responsibility to lead by example and actively seek connections with our indie media cohorts. Giving us the opportunity to share more national and international news stories, always with a focus on pro-truth and anti-bias, we hope this will be a positive step towards drowning out the din of corporately-financed news.”

Dr Simon Duffy of the Centre for Welfare Reform welcomed this development:

“The daily distortion of news to serve the interests of money and power seems to have got worse at the same time as traditional news platforms are struggling financially. Increasingly the daily news reads like a press release from Number 10. Things are also not easy for the independent media, but its great strength is that it has much less reason to compete. It’s great to see Sheffield lead the way in showing how we can cooperate to tell the truth and help put the world on a better path.”

Download the Now Then App to start reading: