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Digital Meet Ups

Here are listings of webinars, meetings and discussions taking place online over the coming months - just click on the blue text to find out how to join in and more information. 

  • Please note that whilst some events are free many groups do not receive funding and might therefore charge a small fee for attendance or ask for a donation. 
  • This list is a work in progress - if you would like us to share your events on this page in the coming months please email us at: hello@citizen-network.org with the details. 

For all events please remember to check the start time in your location: use The Time Zone Converter.


Recordings of CfWR and Citizen Network webinars are available to watch at:


DanceSyndrome are sharing online dance classes for you to join in with at anytime throughout September and October, check out their YouTube channel here

Inclusive Solutions are offering a wide variety of online inclusive education courses, Colin Newton explains more about Inclusive Solutions School here.


1st - Self-Advocacy and Families Supporting Eachother with Learning Disability England

2nd - Stay Up Late Scotland music sessions: on Friday night on Facebook

3rd - Saturday #SpoonRoom with Camerados register here

5th - No Labels No Walls Action Monday: Self-Help with Varun Vidyarthi of Manavodaya

5th - 23rd OctoberFest 2020: Sheffield ME and Fibromyalgia Group have organised an online festival for the community of people suffering from ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia and/or long Covid symptoms

6th - Tuesday Talk Being Danielle with Danielle Farrell and In Control Scotland on Facebook and Youtube

7th - Recognising and working with a Person's Relationships - a Quick Bite for Lunch webinar series on Person-Centred Approaches with Imagineer

7th - Webinar Wednesday with Neighbourhood Networks guests of In Control Scotland LIVE at 3pm on Facebook

10th - Saturday #SpoonRoom with Camerados register here

10th - Development from Within: an online monthly chat with a focus on developing the links between self-reflection, self-help and fairer more ethical communities around the world email Alastair Minty for more details

12th - A Place to Call Home with Bringing Us Together email Katie Clarke to book your place

12th - No Labels No Walls Action Monday: Building the Movement! Discussing and planning the future of the No Labels No Walls (NLNW) movement.

14th - Webinar Wednesday with In Control Scotland LIVE at 11am on Facebook

14th - Understanding How to Develop and Work with a Circle of Support: a Quick Bite for Lunch webinar series on Person-Centred Approaches with Imagineer

14th - PFG Seven O'Clock Special: connect with PFG Doncaster on Zoom at the same time every evening throughout October (a link to Zoom will be posted via their facebook page)

17th - Saturday #SpoonRoom with Camerados register here

19th - No Labels No Walls Action Monday: Environmental Governance: 3 approaches to become an agent of change with Sunil Murhlidhar Shastri

22nd - Citizen Network Café an informal chat for all members and friends 13:30 BST

24th - Saturday #SpoonRoom with Camerados register here

26th - No Labels No Walls Action Monday: Is Universal Basic Income a solution? with Citizen Network


2nd - No Labels No Walls Action Monday: songwriting with Bemix

5th - Play Unified: ideas from Greece a webinar with the Day Centres Without Walls Project 

6th - Stay Up Late Scotland Music Sessions: Friday night on Facebook

9th - No Labels No Walls Action Monday: All About Art! A visual discussion about consolation and safety.

12th - Citizen Network Café - an informal chat for all members and friends 13:30 GMT

16th - No Labels No Walls Action Monday: CitizenFest and Citizen Network with Markus Vähälä and Simon Duffy

27th - Killed by the State? Social Policy Abused: the creation of preventable harm a webinar with Mo Stewart