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The Coronavirus is a dangerous viral infection which has now spread around the world.

The Centre for Welfare Reform is taking action in the following ways:

  1. All our events are cancelled or postponed. We will be organising webinars and other online information in the coming days.
  2. All our Fellows, allies and supporters are encouraged to follow local public health advice and to minimise the risk of infection wherever possible.
  3. We all need to support healthcare services and to avoid the risk of needing urgent care as these services will be under intense pressure for some time.
  4. The Centre is working to promote radical and urgent measures to help people with the economic impacts of the crisis and are part of the alliance for an Emergency UBI.
  5. We will do all we can to support practical approaches to providing assistance and encouragement in the days ahead.

This crisis demonstrates that many of our democratic, health, social and economic systems are not fit for purpose. As we plan for the future we must all reflect on how to build societies that are better able to provide universal security, assistance and effective democratic decision-making.

There are many sources of useful information available on the internet and the list below is an example of some, though it is not comprehensive and things are changing quickly. 

Coronavirus (COVID-19) - NHS guidance:


Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Official UK Government response:


Coronavirus Bill 2019-21 - UK Parliament:


UBI Lab Network - An Open letter to the Chancellor:


UK Government and Parliament Petition - Implement Universal Basic Income to give home and food security through Covid-19:


Early Day Motion - Temporary Universal Basic Income:


38 Degrees Petition - Coronavirus: A temporary universal basic income for everyone:


UK Government - Claimants on disability benefits will no longer be required to attend face-to-face assessments:


Benefits and Work - Face-to-face assessments suspended for three months for PIP, ESA and UC:


Legislation - The Employment and Support Allowance and Universal Credit (Coronavirus Disease) Regulations 2020


Money and Mental Health - Covid-19: managing your mental and financial wellbeing:


ACORN is organising local volunteers to support people in the community who need shopping, prescription collection, post and anything else they may need if they are stuck at home.




The Camerados movement is all about looking out for each other - they are organising a virtual #PublicLvingRoom in the next few days, find out more on: 

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/camerados.org/posts/

or at: https://www.camerados.org

Covid Mutual Aid UK is a group of volunteers supporting local community groups organising mutual aid throughout the Covid-19 outbreak in the UK, find out more at:


Inclusion Europe is sharing easy-to-read information about Coronavirus in multiple languages at:


Inclusion North are sharing easy-read information and audio (in English) about Coronavirus at:


Easy Read Online are sharing an easy-read guide on self-isolation (pdf) and are planning to produce further guides: