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CitizenFest 2020

SAVE THE DATE – We’re doing it all again!

You may have heard about the fantastic citizenship festival that took place in and around Glasgow’s Merchant City area on 9th & 10th August 2019.

The following film shares some highlights:

The ‘We are One’ Glasgow’s festival of Citizenship was supported and sponsored by ENABLE Scotland, Citizen Network, In Control Scotland, Radical Visions, Leap Sports, Unity Trust, VIAS, Partners for Inclusion, Alzheimer Scotland, Key, Neighbourhood Networks, The Wheatley Group, Alliance Scotland and many others.  

The Festival provided an international opportunity for serious fun and an exchange of ideas, structured around Citizen Network’s seven keys to citizenship – Love, Life, Home, Freedom, Help, Purpose and Money, the very basic things we all need to play our full part within society. 

There was music, dance, drama, poetry, debate, discussion, and we also tested out of lots of new ideas in various venues across Merchant City, including the Spoon Café, the Tron Theatre, the Clutha and Mono Café Bar.

We are now planning on doing it all again on 12th September 2020. 

If you would be interested in participating, contributing or sponsoring an activity at ‘We are One’ Glasgow’s Festival of Citizenship 2020, please get in touch with June Dunlop for further details:

t: + 44 (0)141 440 5250
e: june.d@in-controlscotland.org.uk 

In the meantime, save the date and look out for further details coming soon.