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CfWR Fellows' Day 18 September

An event for Fellows of The Centre for Welfare Reform and their guests

A day for thinking, sharing and developing ideas

All Fellows of The Centre for Welfare Reform are invited to a day for sharing information about our work and ideas. The day will also provide us with the opportunity to think about the current picture for people and families and explore what’s needed to move forward in supporting citizenship for all.

The event is a chance to meet together and to link with people who have a variety of interests in our work and in supporting citizenship for everyone.

Date: Tuesday 18 September 2012

Venue: Sheffield – Saint Mary’s Church and Conference Centre (t.b.c)

Time: 10.30 – 4.00


In the morning - The Centre’s vision and work to date 

Slots for Fellows to share our work and current ideas and projects 

Lunch will be provided

In the afternoon - What are the big ideas for the future and how do we communicate them?

What does citizenship really mean?
Personalisation problems and next steps
What’s the big idea? - moving on from Supported Living

Kate Fulton has kindly agreed to coordinate the event. 

Please let Kate know if you can or can’t attend: 


Fellows are also welcome to invite guests to the event.