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Call for welfare ceasefire

Emergency Call for Ceasefire in Welfare Reforms

Sick and disabled people, and their carers, are suffering every day – caught up in the disaster that is the failed Employment and Support Allowance (ESA).

Groups from across the whole spectrum of disability campaigning have come together to call for a CEASEFIRE – until this is sorted out.

We call for an immediate truce during which the following practices are ended, while a new programme is co-produced with disabled people and carers:

  • the use of sanctions
  • timing people out
  • means testing
  • bedroom tax for disabled people
  • repeated assessments

We also suggest that anyone can use the current Work Programme – but only on an opt-in basis and without sanctions. This does not prejudice any long-term changes, and we recognise that different groups have different aims. These measures are not a long term solution, but together they would offer a period of safety in which to consider a better way forward.

If you, as an individual or group or organisation, support this action, please contact:

patspetition@gmail.com or admin@carerwatch.com

These will be added to correspondence sent to MP’s from all Parties.

A copy of the press release is available here: