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Basic Income Essentials

As we get to grips with the social and economic after effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, Annie Miller, co-founder of the Basic Income Research Group, now known as the Citizen's Income Trust, presents the case for Universal Basic Income in two new books.

In A Basic Income Pocketbook and Essentials of Basic Income, Miller argues that the ‘pandemic [...] has presented the strongest case yet for basic income schemes across the world’.

Miller establishes a definition of what exactly is Basic Income, shows who would benefit, and assesses the economic effects and evidence from around the world. These clear and concise texts will prove useful to opinion formers, activists and policy-makers. Miller seeks: ‘not only to inform but also to inspire, and to encourage others in the fight for economic security and social justice‘.

Most importantly, these books answer the key question of whether we can afford a Basic Income. In a post COVID-19 world, can we afford not to?

Annie Miller has dedicated much of her time and research to Basic Income (also known as Citizen’s Income), becoming an expert in the field. She has presented papers on the issue at eight of the Basic Income Earth Network’s (BIEN) biannual congresses, including ones in Barcelona, Munich and Montreal. In 1984 she co-founded the Basic Income Research Group, now the Citizen’s Income Trust (CIT), of which she has been Chair since 2001. Recently Miller was a keynote speaker at a round-table discussion in the Scottish Parliament on Basic Income.

Reviewers say:

“A beautifully concise yet competent and comprehensive introduction to basic income by one of the founding members of the international basic income movement.” 

Philippe Van Parijs, BIEN’s International Advisory Board 

“Annie Miller’s book provides exactly the right balance of clarity and sophistication.”

Simon Duffy, Centre for Welfare Reform on A Basic Income Handbook

A Basic Income Pocketbook is available to buy at:


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Essentials of Basic Income is available to buy at:


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An Introduction to Basic Income Plus

An Introduction to Basic Income Plus

Caroline Richardson and Simon Duffy outline a practical approach for making sure basic income works for disabled people and others who face extra costs.

Basic Income Plus: Easy Read Version

Basic Income Plus: Easy Read Version

Basic Income Plus is a radical way to reform benefits by giving everyone enough to live on and ensuring people with extra needs get more.

Essentials of Basic Income

Essentials of Basic Income

Annie Miller's short book provides an ideal definition of basic income and provides a framework for campaigners to clarify what it means and what flexibility it allows.