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Are we giving children in Care the right support?

It seems incredible that children entering Care are not routinely given robust assessments to detect Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia and other similar neurodisabilities given how easy it is to misinterpret the troubling behaviour of children with these difficulties who have been unsupported as being due to ‘emotional difficulties’ or ‘conduct disorders’.

It also seems incredible that social workers have no meaningful training in supporting children with neurodevelopmental disabilities even though we know from the limited assessments they are given, that young people within Care are four times more likely to be autistic than their peers.

This is the reality of the Care system with little prospect of change.

Lord Hunt has recently tabled an amendment to the Children and Social Work Bill making it a requirement for Corporate Parents to ensure those entering Care are assessed for neurodisabilities and to provide support to children found to have these disabilities. This amendment if passed has the power to be transformational for these young people.

Please add your voice to those calling for this amendment to be passed.

To read and comment on /support this Amendment, click on this link:


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