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Appeal for Thomas and family

Paula Rawnsley’s 20 year old son Thomas is in hospital on a life support machine. Thomas was taken there this week after suffering a heart attack in the specialist unit in Sheffield where he had been held against his and his family’s wishes under an order from the Court of Protection. His family live in Bradford 45 miles and one hour’s drive away. Thomas’ Mum Paula (his main carer and advocate) doesn’t drive.

The team at Bringing Us Together have decided to pilot a ‘Justice Squad’ – a team of people with a co-ordinator who can come together around a family whose child or young person is in crisis and detained against their will – to provide whatever support is needed and is feasible.

It will take some time to get this in place - in order to help Paula and her family right now, please can you make a donation to the following appeal:


The funds raised will be dedicated specifically for Paula and her family – to fund any costs associated with getting justice for Thomas e.g. legal advice, attending meetings etc. If funds are not needed or there are excess funds, Bringing Us Together will apply them to the next family of a child or young person in crisis and detained against their will that needs help.