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All in this Together deliver open letter to Welsh government

All in this Together have been collecting signatures for an Open Letter to the Welsh Government asking that co-production principles be enshrined in legislation.

"Co-production is a citizen-centred, evidence-based approach to public services which results in more effective and sustainable services and better relationships between citizens and service providers. It increases engagement, builds stronger communities and improves wellbeing. It's not the Big Society. It's a return to Welsh traditions of co-operation and community: in Nye Bevan’s words, ‘collective action to lift all of us together’. 

These are the values that we aspire to in Wales.

We were planning for 200 signatures, and we are delighted to have exceeded this with 256 signatures collected, from organisations, professionals and citizens from across Wales.

Senior co-pro colleagues in the UK, Australia, USA and Canada have sent in letters and statements of support."

The letter was delivered on 1st May 2013.

To view the letter in English and in Welsh accompanied by the 256 signatures and list of 25 statements of support, click here (opens a pdf).

The press release is available here: