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A guide for staying safe in hospital

Hospitals can be dangerous. Too many older people and people with disabilities die, suffer or become weaker while in hospital.

Terry Lynch is an international leader in independent living for older people. In this important guide he offers practical advice to older people and their families about how to stay safe in hospital and maximise your chances of leaving fit and well. His guide is a follow-up to his excellent book for older people But I Don't Want Eldercare!

The key message is that you must not leave a vulnerable person alone. This is not just about making sure family and friends visit - it's also about making sure that busy professionals see and connect to the real person in the hospital bed.

Dr Simon Duffy, Director of The Centre for Welfare Reform said: "This guide offers life-saving advice for ourselves and for those we love. Make sure you download it, share it and think about its implications for anyone you care about." 

The guide is available to download and read online here: http://bit.ly/hospitalgss