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A future for post-industrial communities? 23-24 March

The national campaigning organisation HOPE not hate and Leeds University’s Centre for Employment Relations Innovation and Change (CERIC) are hosting this conference on 23 and 24 March 2017.

The process of deindustrialisation has destabilised many working class communities across the country. The large industrial workplaces (docks, mines, steel works, potteries, and car plants) have often disappeared. 

In towns which once had an industrial identity, that has gone, along with the high levels of trade union engagement, the sports and social clubs. Even the pubs are going. 

Meanwhile the once solid relationship between the communities and their traditional representatives; the Labour Party, has become ‘more complex’.

These post-industrial communities face a future where parents know that their children's future is significantly less promising than their own was, where 'career opportunities' are often limited to work in low wage jobs such as retail parks and where the traditional sense of community has often been replaced by an uneasy division along ethnic, social and religious lines.

All of this raises a number of questions for academics, economists, public health professionals, politicians, policy makers, trade unionists, funders, anti-racists and community activists. 

This conference aims to bring people from all these fields (as well as some international speakers) together to discuss a number of these questions.

To find out more and to register your interest to attend and take part visit: