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4 February: The Power of Language

NOW SOLD OUT: this event will be LIVE STREAMED (date and time below) on Citizen Network TV here.

please check back for similar webinars in the future.

The way professionals use language and the power it has to make or break the people they are paid to help has always fascinated Sam Sly.

Helen Cixous said:

'It is said that life and death are under the power of language.'

To some autistic people and people with learning disabilities this is too close for comfort. Each of us can do something to change this.

Join Sam Sly, Founder and Director of Enough is Enough Time4Change, with Kieran Murphy and Alexis Quinn for this online webinar in order to:

  • Reflect on the impact (negative and positive) of our language on autistic and learning disabled people
  • Hear directly from people about their experience negative language and the effect it has had on their lives
  • Understand the meaning of 'serviceland'
  • Explore why professionals feel the need to use 'serviceland' language
  • Hopefully leave the session wanting to change things we say and do!

Date: Thursday 4th February
Time: 13:00 - 14:30 GMT

Register for the free event at Eventbrite: