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3 November: Disabled people in austerity Britain

Are disabled people second class citizens in modern Britain? 

Despite severe criticisms from the United Nations the UK Government has continued to reject claims that its austerity policies have targeted disabled people and other minority groups.

Join Church Action on Poverty for a stimulating hour with Stef Benstead, independent researcher, Fellow of the Centre for Welfare Reform, disabled activist and author who will be talking about her book Second Class Citizens which explores these competing claims against the background of the development of the welfare state, the campaign for disability rights and the economics of austerity.

On: Tuesday 3 November

At: 2 - 3pm GMT


Tickets are free

Other guests include: 

  • Stephen Timms MP, chair of the Work and Pension Select Committee
  • Catherine Hale from the Chronic Illness Inclusion Project
  • Marcus Bull and Soph Gallagher from Mencap Liverpool & Sefton

Tickets are available via Eventbrite at: