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3 December: Stigma and Poverty

Join us for a conversation with well-known author and journalist Mary O'Hara. Mary will be discussing her book The Shame Game and will talk about her work on the stories we tell ourselves about poverty; sharing the perspectives of people who are living with the reality of poverty.

On: Thursday 3 December

At: 5:30 - 7pm GMT


Tickets are free

This is an opportunity to explore:

  • Why did we stop caring about poverty?
  • Why did we start blaming people in poverty for a social problem?
  • Would reforms like basic income help end the stigma of poverty?
  • How should we organise to challenge this injustice?

Mary O’Hara is an award winning journalist, author and producer who works across a range of publications and platforms including The Guardian.

This short film introduces her latest book, The Shame Game:

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