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25 September: Much More to Life than Services

People want a life - not a service - but social services is too often joyless and bureaucratic. 

Join Bob Rhodes, Founder and Director of LivesthroughFriends and Joe Powell, Self Advocate and CEO of All Wales People First for this free online webinar to explore an alternative approach.

Date: 25th September
Time: 13:30 BST

Bob and Joe will explore:

  • How we can build a Social Services system that complements and supplements the gifts of a caring society
  • Illustrate this with Joe’s story and experiences
  • Outline the practice and systems framework evolved by LivesthroughFriends that assists with this aspiration

Bob Rodes is a Fellow of the Centre for Welfare Reform and is one of the leading thinkers and practioners in relationship-based support. He founded TACT in 1991 in and works globally to support disabled people and families. Bob's work focuses particularly on helping people leave institutions and ATUs to take their rightful place in the community. He is also an activist in local democratic renewal.

Joe Powell is the National Director of All Wales People First. Joe has Asperger Syndrome and leads the work of All Wales People First to engage the Welsh Government and ensure that people with learning disabilities can make their human rights real.

Register for the event at: