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22 May: The Power of Citizenship

**UPDATE: In light of Covid-19 this conference has been postponed and will be rearranged in the future.** 

Join us at this one day conference in Sheffield organised by the Centre for Welfare Reform and Citizen Network as part of Opus Independents' Festival of Debate.

The world faces a series of interconnected challenges:

  • environmental - taking care of the natural world
  • economic and social - taking care of each other
  • democratic - working together to take responsibility for our communities

To meet these challenges we need to combine big social and political change with grassroots community action and social innovation - we citizens need to unlock our enormous capacity for creating a better world. We need change from top and bottom - what Compass calls 45ยบ change.

20 good ideas for 2020

Speakers from across the UK will describe practical ideas for positive social change. Short talks will be by Fellows of the Centre for Welfare Reform and other community leaders and active citizens.

Topics will include: 

Peer Support | Individual Service Funds | Local Area Coordination | Support Brokerage | Personalised Support | Inclusive Education | Communication Aids | Women-Centred Work | Relational Economy | Life Planning for Citizenship | Inclusion for the Chronic Illness Community | Place-based Commissioning | 24/7 Grid | Self-Managing Teams | UBI Lab Network | Procurement for Public Good

And more to be announced soon.

Tickets on sale NOW at: Tickets for Good

During the day there will also be opportunities to network and explore together how to make these ideas a reality in your community. 

Changing the system - constitutional reform

Practical grassroots innovation is not enough. We also need to be exploring how to bring about structural change, strengthening rights and redistributing power across our communities. We will be hearing from thinkers and civic leaders including:

  • Frances Foley of the Citizens' Convention on UK Democracy
  • Stuart White of Oxford University
  • Neil McInroy of the Centre for Local Economic Strategies
  • Nick Pearce of The Institute for Policy Research
  • Tiffany R. Holloman of We Share the Same Skies
  • Wendy Lowder of Barnsley Council
  • Simon Duffy of the Centre for Welfare Reform

About us

The Centre for Welfare Reform has been sharing practical ideas to advance citizenship since 2009. It has over 100 Fellows who have championed radical change and made things happen - often against the odds. In 2016 it helped create Citizen Network - an international cooperative to create a world where everyone matters. In this one day conference we will share some of the most exciting and relevant work being done within these communities and enable participants to hear from leading international thinkers and practitioners.

Our sponsors

Thanks to those who are helping us organise this event: 

  • Citizens' Convention on UK Democracy
  • CLES - the Centre for Local Economic Strategies
  • Compass
  • iDirect
  • Inclusion North
  • Institute of Policy Research
  • NewKey
  • openDemocracy
  • Self-Directed Futures
  • We Share the Same Skies
  • 24/7 Grid

Very special thanks to the fantastic team at Opus Independents who organise the brilliant Festival of Debate annually in Sheffield. We are very proud to be part of the 2020 programme.