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12 - 14 July: Toronto Summer Institute

Join Inclusion Press for their annual Toronto Summer Institute (TSI) taking place over 3 days online. 

Inclusion Press say:

“This year's Toronto Summer Institute will be like no other. We will meet, greet, share, connect, learn, laugh, cry, contribute, relax, have private space, share space… and all of this will be virtual.

“We have been doing Summer Institutes since 1984, and we can assure you, this one will be unique. It will be shorter because of the Zoom drain, and we don’t want to contribute to misery. So join us when you choose, for as long as you choose. You are in charge. 

“There will be a fabulous array of people you can meet from many countries and perspectives. And you can share stories.. or not. You can share a resource – or not.

“We hope you will create your own ‘team or teams’ – to reconnect with some folks, to make new connections, to learn together. We hope some of your teams will continue to meet into the future.”

Hosts include: 

  • Fionnathan and the Happiness Project on 12th July
  • Beth Mount on Wisdom Making on 13th July
  • Beth Gallagher & Carol Blessing on ColorFest on 12th July
  • Markus Vähälä & Simon Duffy on Citizen Network on 12th July
  • Michael Bierman on No Labels No Walls on 12th July
  • Leanne Pearman on Employment Options on 13th July
  • David Wetherow on Circle Building on 13th July
  • Jonny Douglas & James Lock on the UBI Lab Network on 13th July
  • Dave Hasbury & Patti Scott on the JustUs Cafe on 14th July
  • Heather Simmons on the Art of Noticing on 13th July
  • John O'Brien on Reflecting on Future Plans on 14th July
  • John McKnight on Judith Snow on 14th July

and many more.

Check out the programme and register NOW at: 


The Toronto Summer Institute is part of CitizenFest 2021 – CitizenFest is a celebration of inclusive citizenship, and the possibilities of a world where everyone matters – without exception.