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The Words We Use

Authors: Darlington Learning Impairment Network

The Darlington Learning Impairment Network have started to think about how the words that professionals use to describe people with a learning impairment very often don’t support person centred thinking. 

We believe words are very powerful and we think that the idea of 'people first' has been lost a bit, with professionals even sometimes describing people using initials rather than words. We believe that this contributes to the depersonalisation of people and can lead to people being treated like they were at Winterbourne View. [Mark Humble]

To find out more email Mark Humble or the Darlington People's Parliament.

The publisher is Darlington Learning Impairment Network (formerly the Darlington Learning Disability Network).

The Words We Use © Darlington Learning Impairment Network 2014.

All Rights Reserved. No part of this paper may be reproduced in any form without permission from the publisher except for the quotation of brief passages in reviews.