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Statements of the Obvious on NDIS

Author: Tony Lanigan

Some statements of the obvious that may be helpful to the designers of Disability Care Australia.

  • There is a very fine line between pragmatism and the cynicism born of life’s rich experience!
  • Big is rarely best, very big is invariable bad.
  • Top heavy management will eventually topple over.
  • If you cannot demonstrate how to perform a task two management levels below you, then your quality control has failed.
  • Certificates will never equate to lived experience.
  • Centralisation of command and control is primarily a convenience.
  • Operating and financial decision making must be delegated to the lowest level possible for coal face support to operate efficiently, effectively and in a timely manner.

Tony Lanigan is President of Toowoomba Intellectual Disability Support Association Inc (TIDSA)

The publisher is The Centre for Welfare Reform.

 Statements of the Obvious on NDIS © Tony Lanigan 2013.

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