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Sharing Stories to Cultivate Democracy

The Neighbourhood Democracy Movement shares examples of neighbourhoods that are growing real local democratic power in regular webinars. This session shared practical examples of mutual support and neighbourliness from Birmingham and Bury.

Paul Wright of Street Connectors, part of the Open Door Community Foundation and Hodge Hill Church, talks about their work in The Firs and Bromford estate in east Birmingham. Paul describes how they used an Asset Based Community Development approach to encourage and strengthen local community action, friendships and community spirit.

Selva Mustafa is a member of Bury Mutual Aid. Here Selva explains how Bury Mutual Aid evolved in 2020, its many achievements and its plans to grow a movement for neighbourhood democracy in Bury in the coming years.

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The webinar was recorded on 17th May 2021.


Angela Fell

Angela Fell


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