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Competency in Practice-Based Commissioning

A key aspect of the Coalition’s plans for the NHS is patient and public involvement in the planning of the NHS. At least the rhetoric is very strong.

However, when you read the detail of the current design as described in the Health and Social Care Bill currently going through parliament, you realise that there is no more accountability to the public than now – that is, there is very little. If anything, there may be less. Much of the NHS will be placed in private hands and that will include the planning of the NHS itself. One of many concerns about this aspect of the changes is that process by which private companies make decisions can be hidden behind the screen of commercial confidentiality.

That is why this document is important. It suggests ways in which patient and public involvement could be strengthened across the NHS. It is all easy to do – all it requires is the political will.

This document aims to summarise effective approaches to Patient and Public Involvement for GP consortia. It was written in 2009 so some of the terminology may already seem anachronistic. For Practice Based Commissioning Group you can read GP consortium – the requirements are not very different. The World Class Commissioning Competencies have now disappeared, but the concepts remain relevant.

The approaches and examples remain appropriate and useful.

The publisher is APEX in association with Phase IV Communications Ltd.

APEX Guide on Public and Patient Engagement © APEX 2009.

All Rights Reserved.



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