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Personalised Support

Author: Julia Fitzpatrick with a foreword by Professor Jim Mansell, author of the Mansell Report.

This is a report describing how to provide support to people with the most complex needs or challenging behaviour, whether from brain injury, mental illness, dementia or a significant learning difficulty.

The book documents the work of Partners for Inclusion and the model of highly personalised support which was first developed in Scotland in 1996. 

This report is highly relevant and timely - it shows:

  • Service providers do have a significant role to play in making personalisation happen.
  • Many individuals and families would benefit from the development of personalised support, offering the highly tailored support without having to become an employer or manage money.
  • Personalisation focuses on building on people's real wealth (their capacities, relationships and opportunities in order to strengthen citizenship and engagement in ordinary life.

Read and download the free pdf in your browser here.

The publisher is the Centre for Welfare Reform. 

Personalised Support © Julia Fitzpatrick 2010. 

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