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Personalisation Forum Group

The Personalisation Forum Group now known as the People Focused Group (PFG) is made up of people who live in Doncaster and who suffer from poor mental health. The group came together to help each other to create more personalised support solutions to benefit themselves and the local community. 

The PFG believe that having a mental health difficulty does not stop people from being full and productive members of our society. The PFG are a very ambitious group and hope to make positive changes to local services that will help to create a national movement for change.

The PFG have received no funding or public services support but hope that they can demonstrate what can be achieved by people working together, giving their time, effort and encouragement.

Some of the group's main aims include:

  • Working together to fight discrimination and prejudice.
  • Creating support solutions that help people to live active and positive community lives - challenging isolation and segregation.
  • Challenging the stigma of mental health by making an active contribution to the community.
  • Providing a voice and speaking up for those least able to speak for themselves.
  • Sharing information and good supports and services.

Visit their website: www.peoplefocused.org.uk